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Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi
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The Date : December 17 , 1273

The Place : Konya , seat of the Seljuk Empire in Asia Minor 
The Scene : Greeks , Jews , Christians , Turks ,Moslems , all crowded in to procession ; music of flutes and strings fills the air along with cries and wails ; chanting and prayers of each religion...

The Occasion : The earthly death-spiritual reunion of the King of Hearts with his Beloved . 
The Man : Mevlana Mohammed Jelaled-din Rumi (1) 
The Date : October, 2010
The Place : Bookstores across America and Europe

The Scene: Students, housewives, busdrivers, artists, all crowded around the Information Desk "Do you have any new Rumi?" "Where can I find books by Rumi?" "Is there a good translation of Mawlana`s Mathnawi?" "Oh, are you sure it`s sold out? Can you reorder?"

The Occasion: Awakening of an awareness of the need for the gentle and tolerant views, thoughts, and way of a Lover of the Divine

The Man: Mevlana Mohammed Jelaled-din Rumi (1) 
Who is this Mevlana Mohammed Jelaled-din Rumi , that over 700 years after his death his words and thoughts are causing such a stir ?


First , here is one way in which he describe himself.

My Mother is Love 
My Father is Love 
My Prophet is Love
My God is Love 
I am a child of Love
I have come only to speak of Love . 

Born in the City of Balkh in Afghanistan , Mevlana lived most of his life in Konya , seat of the Seljuk Empire , located in present day Turkiye . The son and heir to the position of a noted Theologian and Mystic , Mevlana was jarred out of his comfortable ways and beliefs by a mysterious dervish named Shems of Tebriz . The moment of the meeting of Mevlana and Shems is referred to as the 'meeting of two seas' . Each of them had attained a spiritual awareness of depth and breadth which distinguished them from others . Now these two would complete each other in the boundless Sea of Unity . 

Shems' way of attracting Mevlana's attention was by asking whether the Prophet Mohammed or the Mystic Beyazid-i Bestami was greater. This was a rather shocking question, but Mevlana without hesitation replied that of course, the Prophet is the greater of the two. At this Shems' fiery manner softened a little. Then he continued , " But Lord Mohammed said, 'God! I glorify You. We do not know Your worth.' Whereas Beyazid-i Bestami said, 'I glorify myself, my reputation is great because there is no Being but God in every particle of my body.' How can you explain this? " Mevlana had anticipated this, and replied immediately, "The Lord Mohammed spoke these words because each day he progressed many stages forward; and each time he reached a new level of understanding, he begged God's forgiveness for his previous knowledge and errors. The Prophet had the endurance to contemplate God in abstraction, purified of all else, in all His manifestations, without remaining at any one stage of judgement. But Bestami was carried away by his arrival at the very first stage and, having been intoxicated by this attainment, got no further..."