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Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi
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After a time Mevlana's extraordinary need for a mirror for his love was met by Sheik Selahaddin ' Zarkubi ' (Goldsmith) , a former disciple of Seyyid Burhaneddin of Tirmiz ( Mevlana's early mentor and after his father , the one with the greatest influence on his introduction to spirituality along with knowledge ) . 

Mevlana now held Selahaddin up as a sheik to his disciples , as a spiritual model . Again there were complaints and murmuring , this time because of the goldsmith's lack of formal education . They had not admired Shems , But at least they had realized that he was a well-educated person . Now an illiterate craftsman was being presented to them as their spiritual master . They were unable to perceive the beauty , the greatness , the purity of the true 'self ' of Selahaddin, and thus missed out on the graces possible from his words and example. 

No matter. For a time Mevlana found the love born of Shems in the pure face shining with inner light and the truly fervent hearth of Selahaddin. In one poem Mevlana said: Last year he suddenly appeared in a red caftan, his face shining. This year he has come again, wrapped in a gray cloak. He changed his apparel and came... When Mevlana was asked, "Who is a man of wisdom ?", he answered thus, " The wise one is he who, when you're silent, speaks of your inner secrets. That man is Sheik Selahaddin." 

With an awareness that his worldly time was nearing its end, Sheik Selahaddin looked forward to his death; and in the winter of 1258 he was released from the prison of the body and re-united with the Source of all Love in the Divine. 

Mevlana had lost first his father Sultanul Ulema Bahaeddin Veled, then Seyyid Burhaneddin, then Shems, and now Sheik Selahaddin. Each lost left its mark and threw Mevlana deeper into the inner world where he burned in spiritual communion. This burning was bringing him ever closer to becoming the Mevlana he was to be. 

The calm peacefulness of Sheik Selahaddin was just what Mevlana had needed, but now it was time for a new light to shine for Mevlana, the light which would enable the immortal masterpiece The Mesnevi (Mathnawi) to come into being. This light was Husameddin Chelebi. 

Initiated into the beauties of the spiritual path by both Shems and Sheik Selahaddin, Husameddin Chelebi had been participating in the Sema and music assemblies and Mevlana's discourses for years. He was spiritually matured and ready to bear the great responsibility of taking down the words of Mevlana which whereto flow and become the six volume poem The Mesnevi. In Husameddin Chelebi Mevlana again found the embodiment of Shems. Mevlana's exuberance now took on a calmness and maturity of thought. Husameddin Chelebi was aware of Mevlana's mature readiness, and one day suggested that Mevlana produce a work that would encompass his thoughts and ideas in a form that would touch people and be a guide to them in their spiritual seeking. With a smile that sublime Lover of God reached up and took a piece of paper from within the folds of his turban and preferred in to Chelebi to read. It was the first 18 verses of what was to be the Book of Realities, the book revealing secrets unsaid before, The Light offered to man as a help in realizing God, The Mesnevi . 
The passionate poems of Love and longing which make up to the Divan-i Kebir are often too wild in their passion, too outrageously uninhibited to be easily tolerated as man speaking to and of his God. So in the six volumes of rhyming couplets of the Mesnevi, Mevlana deliberately set out to write a guide for those seeking the essence of this Divine Love and Passion. Using fables and folk stories, examples of the sacred and the profane, Mevlana interwove hundreds of stories in which the reader could see his own fallible and faults, and also discover to means of abandoning them and taking on the characteristics of the Divine. Time and again Mevlana emphasizes his essential premise of the need for a living guide in the form of a spiritual master... A human being, a Perfect Human Being to lead one to the Divine.