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Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi
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In his Legends of the Saints( Ariflerin Menkebileri) Ahmet Eflaki Dede tells this:

Every Friday evening all the women of Konya used to get together with the wife of Emuniddin Mikail, a minister of the sultan, and they would beg her to call Me vlana. Then they would wait calmly for him to come. After his evening worship Mevlana would come by himself and join them. The women would form a circle around that great saint and sprinkle rose petals upon him. The Exalted Mevlana would stay with the m until early morning, offering words of spiritual advice and wisdom, and sharing Divine mysteries. Then there would be the Sema accompanied by the sound of the reed flute and the singing of women musicians. 

The Exalted Mevlana's greatest characterist ic was his lovingly approaching people of every class, revealing their own essence to them, and by intoxicating them with the delights of God, urging them toward the right path. In Ariflerin Menkebileri there is this example: 

"There was a beautiful woman at the Sahi Isfahane han (a sort of hotel/temporary lodging place). She was gratifying the carnal desires of men, behaving against the mores of society. One day the Exalted Mevlana was passing in front of the han. This woman came running out of the bui lding and threw herself at Mevlana's feet. With much pleading and crying she paid her respects to him. 

That great man called out three times, " Rabia...Rabia...Rabia..." (Rabia: the name of a famous sufi woman saint)

The other girls heard this and also ran out and threw themselves at Mevlana's feet. At this he said, " What great heroes! What great heroes! Who could have overcome this much lust and carnal desire. How would the chastity and honor of chaste and honorable women have been understood?"

One of the influential people of the time, on hearing these words, said, " For a great man like Mevlana to take an interest in these women of the brothel and to treat them with courtesy is absurd."

When Mevlana heard this he responded thus: This woman is behaving as she is and appearing as she is, with no hypocrisy. If you're a man, be like her, quit this two -facedness so your inner and outer selves can be one. If your inner and outer selves aren' t one, what you do is in vain, a waste." In the end the woman repent ed like Rabia and freed the girls under her. They took their place among the women of the other world, became disciples of the Exalted Mevlana and were of great service. 

Looking on love of people, respect for women as necessary essentials or even a ru le of Islam, the Exalted Mevlana behaved with the same delicacy and refinement towards his wife, daughters, daughter-in-laws, and spiritual daughters. He always based his judgment on love and fairness. 

One day Mevlana' s daughter the Lady Melike was scolding her serving woman. The exalted Mevlana came in and asked, " Why are you scolding her and hurting her feelings? I wonder what you would have done if she were the lady and you the servant. How would you like it if I were to make a proclamation that n o one besides God shall have a slave or servant? In reality they are all our brothers and sisters."

Because the Great Mevlana was in the presence of the inspiration of God he became the property of the whole world. With no regard for religion, sect, nationality or race he loved all people and taught them to love. 

While the Exalted Mevlana brought this invitation he showed a unique patience and refinement; with no discrimination he offered tolerance and love to all creation through the beautiful characteristics of God which he possessed.