The essential meaning of Mevlana’s Way is to be of service to all people of the world, to rescue people from pessimism and hopelessness. Our patron saint Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi came as a unifier to all humanity. Men and women of the Mevlana’s Way marry, raise families, work, and take part in the joys and sorrows of the world while at the same time attempting to attain a reunion with God by giving emphasis to their spiritual state. Their intention is to live as true human beings, cleansed of animalistic, carnal characteristics. While developing spiritually each one is to be as an example to others of loving kindness, patience and tolerance. The relationship with the spiritual guide is of essence in this path. As the representative of Mevlana Rumi he offers each adherent appropriate guidance. Also, through spiritual chats which are the basic to lovers of Mevlana Rumi, prayer services, the Sema, and night vigils, the adherent develops spiritually. Music and the Sema are food for the spirit. The Sema, both for those turning and those participating but not turning, is a means of bringing them closer to the realization of the Unity of God. In the early 1980’s many seekers of the Truth had begun to associate around Hasan Çıkar in whom they found the scent of love and tolerance of Mevlana Rumi. As with Mevlana, Hasan Çıkar calls people to him without regard for nationality, religion or gender. Formed in 1987 under the title Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana, our congregation is a Lay Fellowship of men and women under the guidance of Hasan Çıkar, striving to live according to the way of love, peace, brotherhood and unity which our patron saint Mevlana Rumi taught and lived himself. Just as all the prophets brought their message to people without discrimination, we continue that by offering Mevlana’s way to all people, with love and affection.   Hasan Çıkar carries on the spirit of reform and love of Mohammed and Mevlana Rumi. He speaks to the situations of today. Hasan Çıkar has included women in the choir and public Sema Ceremony along with men. Throughout history there was cultural and religious pressure which made it necessary for women to hold their Sema separately. Today women and men work in every occupation together, ride busses and trains together, and perform the rites of the pilgrimage together. Thus the Sema is an appropriate place for them to worship together. In God’s Eyes men and women are one. Our weekly meeting begins with Hasan Çıkar’s spiritual chat in question and answer form, and then includes a prayer service. Then the Sema Ceremony is held, and after that non-ceremonial Sema. Four full hours of nothing but joy and words of love and smiling faces. Certainly a cleansing, filling evening! More info about Silivrikapı Mevlana Cultural Center