Our Honorary President Hasan Çıkar came into the world in the Macedonian city of Skopia in the year 1935. During that period Skopia was one of the most important Balkan centers of culture, art and learning. In this city of many spiritual establishments Hasan Çıkar received a traditional religious training as a child. He performed services at the Murat Pasha and Yahya Pasha Mosques in Skopia.Upon completion of education Hasan Çıkar migrated to Istanbul together with his family in October, 1959. The religious training he received from his family and the influence of his mystic circle in Skopia along with his ever-deepening love and interest in mysticism lead him first to research and reading books, and later caused him to enter the mystic circles in Istanbul. Within these fellowships the spiritual conversations full of the love of Mevlana brought him eventually to Hakki Dede , whom he had already met in Skopia and who would become his own spiritual guide one day.

In this way Hasan Çıkar again came together with the leader of the Skopia Mevlevi Temple, Hakki Dede, and began a new period in his life. After spending some time with Hakki Dede and seeing his beauties, Hasan Çıkar became his adherent and dedicated himself to him. As time passed thus, the spiritual relationship between them continued with the lifting of veils to the spiritual plane of Hakki Dede. And in this way in 1965 Hasan Dede attained the position of a successor to the Exalted Mevlana.

Then were the years of Hasan Çıkar’s enlightening and gathering around him the first of those who would learn from him the beauties of the path of Mevlana. In 1987 he took the position of formally leading the ceremonies presented for Seb-I Arus in Konya.

The red ceremonial sheepskin used 700 years ago by the Exalted Mevlana passed to his successors and descendents after his reunion with the Divine. This spiritually meaningful ceremonial sheepskin, used personally by Mevlana, was passed from hand to hand all the way to today. Within the last 100 years this sheepskin was in the safekeeping of the Exalted Mevlana’s descendent Bakir Celebi, and then it was turned over to Celalettin Celebi. After Celal Celebi, Selman Dede, who held the formal position of leader of the ceremonies in Konya, preserved the sheepskin for 30 years; in 1993 following a spiritual directive he passed this spiritually rich and meaningful sheepskin on to Hasan Çıkar. And today, as the spiritual representative of the Exalted Mevlana, Hasan Çıkar serves with this sheepskin in the Sema Ceremonies.

With the founding of The Preservers of the Galata Mevlevi Temple Association and the Universal Lovers of Mevlana Foundation, Hasan Çıkar developed a service groundwork for those giving their hearts to Mevlana. Almost all of the words to the musical works of the Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana have been composed by Hasan Çıkar.

Hasan Çıkar and The Preservers of the Galata Mevlevi Temple Association, of which Hasan Çıkar is the honorary president, have continously carried out activities such as Sufi Music Concerts and Whirling Dervishes Ceremonies since 1981, until the restoration process of the Museum of Galata Melevi Temple has started in 2007. Besides this, at the association public meetings held every Thursday in the Silivrikapı Mevlana Cultural Center , he responds to questions of both Turkish and foreign admirers of Mevlana, and introduces Mevlana’s message of Divine Unity.


Look human, God has filled you with a thousand secrets;

You’re a mirror, He is the sultan of elegance.

My God, Dear God, there’s nothing but You.

Look human, whatever’s in the world is in you at every moment;

Seek within yourself; become aware of your essence.

Look human, you’re the first and last creature in the world;

Only you’re on the level with God, His Vicar on earth.

Look human, unique creature of heavens and earth, light of the world,

All creation sprang from you; you are the Divine Truth.