Evrensel Mevlana Aşıklar Vakfı Evrensel Mevlana Aşıklar Vakfı Evrensel Mevlana Aşıklar Vakfı

Hasan Çıkar

Only you're on the level with God, His Vicar on earth. Look human, unique creature of heavens and earth, light of the world...


The Mevlana's Way in the 21st century with Hasan Çıkar and The Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana

Silivrikapı MKM

Silivrikapı Mevlana Cultural Center Thursday evenings spiritual discourse with questions and answers, hymns, Sema Ceremony (19.30 to 23.00)

EMAV in Print Media

National Geographic:

EMAV on the cover of May 1994, The Sema Rituel


Seb-i Arus - The Day of Reunion

Gate 08:

Mevlana'nın aşk dansı: The Sema Ritual

Dear Guests,

The Sufi music concert and Sema Ceremony which are performed on Thursday evenings, will not be held for a while due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We regret to inform you that we cannot accept any local or foreign guests during this time.