The Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana were in the cities of Esslingen and Ludwigsburg 15 and 16 March, 2003. As a result of talks with Seyit Mehmet Sumengen, the president of the Ashure Culture International Essinglen Foundation, 18 members of our association travelled to Germany. During the 2 day trip the Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana were received with closeness and great interest. We were able to be of service to a total of almost 3000 people in the 2 cities where we presented our Sufi music concert and Sema Ceremony. As the present day representative of the Exalted Mevlana, Hasan Çıkar held spiritual talks before and after the programs. Both Germans and Turks who attended where absolutely fascinated by the beauties of God which they encountered h ere. On the evening of Sunday 16bMarch, the Ashure Culture Association Vice President Nami Gul held a dinner for the group. Again Hasan Çıkar talked about the path of love, brotherhood, and peace of the Exalted Mevlana. On Monday 17 March, the group returned to Istanbul.