Monday night 25 March, 2002, 40 members of The Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana traveled by bus to Pamukkale in mid-Anatolia. We arrived early Tuesday morning, and after freshening up and a light breakfast, met with “NEIJİNG”, a group working in alternative medicine, specifically in traditional Chinese healing methods. These healers were traveling with their spiritual guide and healing master , to experience different cultures and different views of healing. Hasan Çıkar welcomed them and began the day with a short Mevlevi prayer service (zikir). Then Hasan Çıkar offered a seminar on the beauties of a spiritual path, particularly the Mevlevi path; on the Unity of God; on brotherhood and friendship; on love, both worldly and Divine love. After a break we came together again and this time Hasan Çıkar answered questions from the healers, many of whom were from Spanish speaking cultures, and also many European countries.       To give a more personal aspect of our path, members of the Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana sat with groups of the healers and answered their questions about our patron saint Mevlana, about our Mevlevi path, about the Sema, about our way of life. The healers were very receptive to our ideas and found some similarity to those of their way.       To close the day we offered a concert of hymns, followed by the Sema Ceremony. The joyful, uplifting hymns set the tone for the ceremony, which is a spiritual journey, both for those physically turning and for those participating in the spirit of the Sema. At the end many eyes were moist from new feelings, from a new experience, from a new view of the Greatness of God. We left the healers with many hugs and exchanges of names and addresses. Certainly something beautiful and nourishing took place that day in a simple hotel conference area, something the world needs—gentleness and friendship with no ulterior motives. The unified voices of all of us were thanking God for His Bounty and Mercy.