From 18 to 23 July , 2000, 26 members of the Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana were in San Marino , Naples and Rome. There we have presented the Sufi Music concert and Sema Ceremony. The first stop was San Marino where the program was enthusiasticaly accepted by an audience of 1250 . The hymns and ceremonial music were composed by our Honorary President , Hasan Çıkar , and various members of the choir; they are a lively expression of the love of God in the words and thoughts of today.     The group then travelled to Naples where the concert and ceremony were viewed by over 1500 people in the Open Air Theatre. The Italian press interviewed Hasan Çıkar and were greatly interested in our path which includes such beauties as the music and sema.     After that we went to Rome and again the audience was over 2000. The concert and Sema Ceremony certainly touched the Italian people , and the choir and semazens were very pleased for the opportunity to share the beauties of this path of Mevlana with such a receptive audience.     It is obvious that people are hungry for something deeper and more beautiful than what they are being given in traditional religious teachings. As our patron saint Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi said, ” The difference between religions is merely their form of worship; they all lead to the same goal.” The root of all of these is love , Divine Love. Since Mevlana was the master of love, his path is the straightest, shortest way to the Divine , without busying one with countless rules and hierarchies and detailsNorth Italy Tour. It took 5 days.