Seb-i Arus. The Wedding Night. The Night of Reunion. Every year the 17th of December is celebrated as the night of Mevlana’s reunion with his Beloved, with the Divine. During his last hours his wife pleaded with him to not leave, to ask God to let him stay here a little longer. Mevlana’s reply was thus: Am I a thief ? Have I stolen someone’s goods? Is this why you would confine me here and keep me from being rejoined with my Love? So we see his opinion of death. It is the time of release from this cage of the body; the time when the bird of the soul flies free. But it is thus for the soul which has realized the Divine within and has become purified of all earthly desires. For those on the path of Mevlana , Seb-i Arus is a celebration, like a festival of the beauties being offered every moment to the Lovers of God.     This year we offered Sufi music concerts and the Sema Ceremony both at our regular venue, The Galata Mevlevi Temple, and also at a gathering of The Ehli Beyt Association, whose members try to live their belief through dedication to the five people of the Holy Family – The Prophet Mohammed; his daughter, the Lady Fatma; his companion and son-in-law, the Lion of God, Ali; his grandsons, the High Priest Hasan and High Priest Huseyin, may the Peace of God be upon them.     Those who live this celebration every year and also those experiencing it for the first time, were given at least a taste of the beauties and wonders of loving God, of wanting to be with God eternally.