Inresponse to the great interest in our patron saint Mevlana Jelaladdin Rumi, on 8 December, 2000, members of our choir and semazens (whirling dervishes) visited Latieci, Pardonone, and Modena, Italy to present sufi music concerts along with the Sema(whirling) Ceremony. In each place the audience was first exposed to th joyful , exuberant hymns expressing the love and beauty of lovers of the Divine. After that they experienced the grandeur and refinement of the Sema Ceremony. Men and women whirling in graceful accompaniment to our traditionally-based, newly-composed ceremonial music, their colorful robes flowing around them- surely a rose garden of Mevlana. To live always in such a rose garden, to experience beauty, to live a love of a human that produces such satisfacition and calm… These are the way of The Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana.