The Mevlana’s Way is founded compeletely on love and tolerance. The Exalted Mevlana Rumi is a saint of love; he gave his heart to the Creator and he taught us to speak always of love and to love all creation as being from the Creator. He asks,
If you fill a jug from the ocean, how much can it hold? One day’s supply.

Thus, just as the ocean can only fill the jug to its capacity, so Mevlana can only fit into words and our perception in proportion to our capacity. In any case, Mevlana is beyond the highest and finest conception. He said,

Be a lover, a lover. Choose love that you might be a chosen one.

To give up one’s own existence and become non-existent in God, that is, to bind one’s heart completely to God, is the shortest way to God. Whoever has given his heart to the Divine Truth has no “self” left. It is God Who moves every particle of him. In this way that person no longer acts in accordance with his ego, doing the bad things that would cause harm to others. He has become enfolded in the moral principles of God. The Exalted Mohammed and the Exalted Mevlana Rumi are examples of these qualities for us.

Mevlana is a limitless being, unable to be contained by this world. He is the Divine Voice giving the good news to those seeking beauty, truth, goodness, light, and Divine Truth. He is the voice of mercy offering consolation to those under tyranny. He is the breath of healing, bestowing health on those crying out in separation. He is the teacher of humanness to humans. He teaches that every thing is within the human being and that the whole universe is under man’s command.

Mevlana is a great lover of the Divine Truth. He is the master of love. He himself is love. To those who asked what love was he answered thus:

Be like me and know; whether in light or darkness, until you have been like this you can’t completely know love.

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi is an illustrious being, a Divine Light, a spiritual sun who brought a brand new message to human thinking; who offered the ideas and system of Islamic thought and articles of faith within the triangle of spirit, mind and love; who opened new horizons to man by adding excitement to the way of morals, religion, wisdom, and knowledge. The greatest message he brought to human thinking is Love, Divine Love and Unity.

Rumi brought enthusiasm to hearts with his saintly characteristics; he was a saint, a spiritual master, whose human mind had been bathed in light; he cleanses hearts and minds of impurities and rescues them from duality.

He rejects nothing but rather unites, perfects, and causes love. He is prejudiced toward none because he knows that everything is the manifestation and actualization of God and he reflects this as a spiritual state to the mind and heart of man.

Mevlana Rumi is a superior and saintly master. He is a system in himself, a life and an order. He is a monument to spirituality who, through his sublimity, displayed his moral values, his knowledge, wisdom, love, intelligence, perception of God, behaviour, everything. He is the true representative of the prophets, the highest element and realization of love and intelligence.

Man is the most honorable of all one of his maxims. The Exalted Mevlana embraced those of every language, creed, and race or colour; he is the symbol of love peace, brotherhood, and tolerance.