Fifteen members of The Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana were in Sweden from 28 October to 5 November, 2002.  They presented sufi music concerts and the Sema Ceremony first in Stockholm, 2 nights, then down South in Lund.  Returning through Stockholm they went further North to Sundsvall, and then to Umea.  The sun shone most of the trip, making the northern climate more congenial.       The Swedish audiences were greatly impressed by the music and the Sema.  Broadcast and press interviews with Hasan Çıkar touched on Western attitudes towards Islam in regard to the recent terrorism.  Hasan Çıkar’s answer included the thought that none of the Prophets would condone terrorism.  Those who use religion for their own aims and twist it for their own benefit are outside the teachings of any religion, any prophet.       Hasan Çıkar also spoke on the peace, love and brotherhood of Mevlana/Rumi and of the unity and Divine Love sought by those following his way.  With the aid of diligent translators Hasan Çıkar also responded to questions from individuals.       It was again a very successful trip.  Afterwards the organizer offerd 1000 thanks in appreciation for the disciplined, professional and understanding manner in which the members of our group handled themselves and presented the program.  There is already discussion of another visit, perhaps to include both Sweden and some neighboring countries this time.