17 December 2013 Tuesday Seb-i Arus

17 December 2013, 19 December 2013 Tuesday Seb-i ArusSufi Music Concert and Sema CeremonySilivrikapı Mevlana Cultural Center

The Mevlana's Way

The Mevlana\'s Way is founded compeletely on love and tolerance.

Silivrikapı Mevlâna Cultural Center

Thursday evenings spiritual discourse with questions and answers, prayer service, hymns, and Sema Ceremony. (19.30 to 23.00)

The Sema Ceremony

From God we receive, to man we give; we keep nothing to ourselves

17 December 2013 Tuesday Seb-i Arus The Mevlana's Way Silivrikapı Mevlâna Cultural Center  The Sema Ceremony