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Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi
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Throughout the history of the world no one has been nourished on love as much as Mevlana; no one has spoken of love as much as he. The Exalted one of all Lovers was a great lover of the Divine Truth. He reached perfection and immortality in love. In his Divan-I Kebir and Quatrains it was eternal love, in the Fihi Ma-Fih and Mecalisi Saba it was his discourses, and in his 26,000 verse Mesnevi it was his complete perfection that he gave to humanity as one masterpiece. 

He says this about love: Love came; the blood in my veins and body dried up. It took me from myself, and filled me with love. All that is left of me is a name. The rest is all Him...

Mevlana was a true man of the heart within whom love of life and marvelous Divine Love were kneaded with the spirit of i mmortality and offered as an elixir to the generations after himself. People found relief for their sorrows in him; they sought goodness and truth in his words. He became Faith and Love. He was revived in death, in existence became non-existent. Even while together he was filled with longing, flying in time to timelessness. 

The love of Mevlana' s was as cool as a morning breeze, sublime enough to be a friend to those hearts separated from their love.

To Mevlana the most important duty of humans is their finding their identity and becoming aware of the Truth of God. While saying that this is only in this way we can be worthy of the title " human" , Mevlana asks, " If you haven 't found, haven't seen the Beloved, why aren' t you searching? If you have found the Beloved, why aren't you exhilarated?"

Mevlana gives extraordinary value to man' s free will and exalts the human being to virtually the level of a sacred being. So he gives special importance to a person's knowing him or herself. With no discrimina tion based on differences of birth or later acquired differences, he values all humanity. He sees even the worst person as worthy of forgiveness and love. He makes known the heights to which Divine Love can elevate man. He explains that by always being mild mannered one can conquer hearts, and says,"Know that whoever you are, it is necessary to ask about the health and condition of everybody in your surroundings without discrimination. Even if a person is an enemy it is good to be kind, because with kindness one can make a friend. Even if he doesn' t become a friend, his enmity will be reduced, because being kind is like a salve to enmity."

With the torch of broad tolerance, joy and hope, which he represented, Mevlana held forth a light not only in his own time but for all ages to come. In every age his ideas are fresh, new and in the vanguard. He is able to see sins and faults with the kind forgiveness of God. 

Mevlana called humans to unity, to give up themselves in the Unity of God. Mevlana is a great person who was against any institution or way of thought which held women as inferior or was not based on human sensitivity. 

Mevlana is the King of Hearts, with no discrimination betwwn men and women or rich and poor. He won the love and friendship of women, and to elevate them he specifically held chats and meetings with them. This sublime King of Hearts looked not at people's outer appearance but at their essence; and tried to direct them toward the real and illuminate them with the Light of Divine Truth.